Unique Care Physiotherapy


You will be treated by our physiotherapists: 

Dr.Nakkiran.PT. B.P.T., M.Sc (Pscchology)., M.I.A.P.,C.P.C (US) India., P.G.D.I.P.L.,

Founder of Unique Care Physiotherapy.

Dr.Purushothaman.PT. B.P.T.,  M.I.A.P.,C.P.C (US) India 

Founder of Unique Care Physiotherapy. 

Dr.Jamal.PT.B.P.T., M.A (Sociology)., M.I.A.P.,

Co-Founder of Unique Care Physiotherapy 

Dr.Sathish kumar.PT. B.P.T. M.I.A.P., 

Vepampatu Branch Incharge  

Dr.Pinto premnath.PT. M.P.T.(Ortho & Sports)., P.G.D.S.M., M.I.A.P., 

Clinical Specialist in Neuro-Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy 

Dr.Balaji.PT. B.P.T. M.I.A.P., 

Founder of  BM Physiotherapy and merged now with unique care physiotherapy Triplicane Branch. 

Dr.Kalaiselvi.PT B.P.T., M.Sc.(Pscchology)., M.I.A.P.,

Unique Care Physiotherapy - Mogappair West Branch

Women's Home Care Physiotherapy 

Dr. Srinivasan PT B.P.T., 

Manager Operations 

Honerable Therapist of Unique Care Physiotherapy - Going to be full time Manger of UCP soon.

Dr.Brinda.PT. B.P.T.,

Home visit physiotherapy care

Dr.Sandhya.PT. B.P.T.,

Triplicane Branch - Physiotherapy Clinical incharge


Home visit physiotherapy care (DOJ - 6/2016)
Home visit physiotherapy care (DOJ - 6/2016)

For appointments though phone 24/7 - 9884584525

Dr.Nakkiran.PT. B.P.T., M.Sc., M.I.A.P., C.P.C (US) India, P.G.D.I.P.L 

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